Explore Switzerland

Our Switzerland tours enables a true discovery of the entire country whether you are interested in culture or nature or simply tasting fine Swiss foods. Our tour programmes are designed to satisfy anyone curious to experience authentic Switzerland in small groups travelling with like-minded people. Our tours show Switzerland highlights as well as places off the beaten track. 



Authentic Swiss Experiences

Wherever our takes you, we enable direct contact between our guests and real Swiss people. We may take you to visit to a farm, a cheesemaker or chocolate factory or anywhere else you wish as we offer customised tour too. No tour is ever the same. As we offer only small group tours with a maximum of 16 people only, you can really enjoy your time!



Delicious Local Foods


Our tours are also about eating locally produced gourmet foods. On Switzerland Explorer tours you can literally taste and experience local specialities that were prepared with much care and love. By offering meals along our tour routes, we support local farmers and communities especially in areas like the high Alps or places that may be off the beaten track. Eating locally made foods is an important part our high quality cultural experiences.



Sustainable Tours

Switzerland Explorer aims to offer enjoyable experiences for all guests while ensuring that all activities also do not harm the pristine natural environments we visit. We believe it is important to reduce ecological impacts on all ecoystems and at all times. This is why our company investerd extra effort in developing the world's first 100% electric tour bus, the Switchbus, which is powered by renewable energy. 




Switzerland Explorer offers tours for small groups up to 16 persons. In 2014 we offer two day tours to experience the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch in the greater Lucerne Region and a tour along the high Alp passes including visiting the Rhone Glacier. 


For more information call  +41 78 915 2702  or +41 78 956 4008 

Email: info@switzerland-explorer.ch