Our tourbus, the Switchbus is powered by 100% electric motor that ebables our tours to be zero emissions as our fuel is renewable energy. The bus is very unique and a world's first as we cannot buy one like this anywhere on the commercial market. When we decided to start Switchbus as a company, we made a decision that it had to use the best technology available in order to be as sustainable as possible. As there was no electric bus available, we decided to convert one ourselves.


The Switchbus is a converted Iveco Daily. We bought it from the German Army, where it served its first 4 years as the original version with a Diesel motor. In order to realize our vision to create a zero-emission tour company we involved a range of companies and organisations to make the electric conversion possible. In this context the Switchbus was created as a co-operative project with the financial support of Swiss Federal Office of Energy. Several Swiss companies such as Designwerk GmbH, Bushandel AG and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts were involved with the creation of Switchbus. 

Today the running costs of the bus are much lower than compared to a Diesel bus, we save around CHF 50 on fuel costs per day. The bus is also quieter, easier to drive (no gear shift, no clutch) and has much better acceleration than before. The original Diesel engine originally had 150 hp, now the electric motor has 210 hp.

Technical Data:

No. of seats: 16 + 1
Max speed: 100 km/h
Motor: 210 hp
Maximum inclination of road at full weight: 25 %
Battery: Lithium-Iron-Phosphat, 99 kWh
Energy consumption per 100 km: 33 kWh (equals 3.3 liters of fuel)
Range: 300 km

The bus has been built in cooperation with



Engineering: www.design-werk.ch


Bus-Partner: www.bushandel.ch



Financial support: 
Swiss Federal Offfice for Energy, BFE