Renewable Energy Tours aboard our 100 % Electric Bus

We have developped this tour specially for universities and special interest tours. Louis Palmer has circumnavigated the world in a solar powered vehicle as first man ever, so he has a great expertise and network and knows many people in Switzerland who work in the field of renewable energies. 

This is a customized tour and we offer a great choice of things to see, all in a radius of 100 km around Lucerne. Wherever we go, the local peope will wait for us and take us on their tour, explain everything and answer all your questions. This renewable-energy-tour is also a great opportunity to meet Swiss pioneers with great expertise in sustainability, energy or nature protection. More than 100 attractions are waiting for you, it's you choice!

Our tours also take you to some of the most spectacular landscapes of Switzerland, like the Furka Pass or the Emmental, and we include localy produced meals in authentic places, like in a farmer's family or in an energy company. We want to get you as close as possible to the people and their life, and we will tell you about culture and history and life in our country.

Let us know what you are interested to see, and we will make an offer and send you or ideas for an unforgettable study tour around Switzerland.


List of selected things to do:

- micro hydro power station, guided tour with the initiator and owner

- guided tour though an electric motorbike factory with the owner and director

- guided tour in a biomass power station

- cable car ride to a hydro power dam

- guided tour inside a mountain to a large hydro power generator

- guided tour on (or inside!) a glacier with a specialist

- guided tour inside a wind mill

- dinner at a farmer's family who is producing herbs for Ricola, using solar power for the drying process

- visiting a cookie factory, a cheesemaker or a mountain cristal artist

- test drives with electric bicycles and electric cars

- guided tour through a restaurant, that is storing it's solar energy in the battery of a converted Chevrolet (originally built in 1960)

- guided tour through a factory that is producing solar thermal products

- guided tour through a river hidro power station

- etc.



"I worked with Louis to provide three full days of touring on his electric bus for a group of American college students. Louis is a pleasure to work with - so enthusiastic and passionate that you can't help but getting excited too! He was extremely responsive and accommodating..."

Dan Kasper

Instructor, Energy Technologies

International Education Coordinator, Stanton Campus

Delaware Technical Community College, USA